Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lower Pierce, 7 July 2010

Awesome second trip to Lower Pierce; we saw much again!

We were greeted by none other than Lyssa Zampa itself! This was however a smaller one compared to that sighted during our last visit. And it was surprisingly less flighty!

Throughout the night we encountered several moths and butterflies.

I particularly love hairy caterpillars! They are adorable :D

Huntsman spider (Family: Sparassidae).

Another hairy caterpillar!

One of the most exciting sightings of the night, a pretty stick insect (that James spotted)!

Common two-tailed spider (or tree trunk spider).

This fly was tiny yet it proved to have the most interesting colours!

Giant forest ant carrying an ant grub (larva), personally one of the best sights of the night indeed!

Pretty grasshopper.

Forest cockroach, which had been sighted also on previous trips.

Spider (Genus: Cyclosa) which creates "fake spiders" using its prey carcasses for use as camouflage.

My first sighting of a stick insect in the wild!

Another gorgeous moth.

Cricket usually have long antennae while grasshoppers have short ones.

This hairy friend looks like the one spotted earlier, but in a different colour (black instead of white).


Orb weaver spider.

As we were about to leave, the Lyssa Zampa sighted earlier actually came to see us off! It is recognizable by the broken left wing. It flew about us and actually settled on James' arms for awhile!

While we were making our last survey of the vegetation we saw a Great Mormon caterpillar (?) which imitates bird poo as means of camouflage. What an innovation!

One of two praying mantises of the same species that James spotted.

Again, short trip, but once again many interesting sightings and creatures!


  1. Great Mormon caterpillar will turn green as it gets bigger.
    Lyssa Zampa is common sight in ntu also
    think u will like ntu alot

  2. Hey Chun I am thrilled to see you are out and about getting some great shots of creatures I realise I often neglect to photograph!
    Again a reminder to me to get out there and tune up my flash photography.
    Nice work mate and some terrific photos too!
    Thanks for sharing your field trips with us and I'm looking forward to more of the same in the future!

  3. Jieli; Yes it will. Really, L. Zampa is a common sight in NTU?! Alright I think I will really love NTU!

    Russell; Thanks for the compliments! I only realise now, how much hard work is put into every single DSLR shots. I feel like I get arm toning exercises using a DSLR! It is my pleasure to share my field trips and I do hope to do as much as I can, while I can. :)